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Kumho Tyre Rally of the Bay signCompare for Rally of the Bay, Will HaganInstructions for Kumho Tyre ChallangeKumho Tyre Challange 1Kumho Tyre Challange 2Kumho Tyre Challange 3Kumho Tyre Challange 4Kumho Tyre Challange 5Mat Byron & Daniel McGoogan - Winners of Kumho Tyre ChallangeS.Kelly & G.Trigg - Second Kumho Tyre ChallangeCars at Corrigans BeachLippings unique signage1Lippings unique signage 2Car 1 Ceremonial Start, Corrigans BeachCar 4 Ceremonial Start, Corrigans BeachCar 5 Ceremonial Start, Corrigans BeachCar 10 Ceremonial Start, Corrgians BeachRally of the BayRally of the Bay (1)Rally of the Bay (2)